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Ageha princess platform shoes by Diablebaiser

Prix : 15,00 EUR
Taille :
Very cute and girly Ageha princess shoes by Diable baiser. Made of an off white lace fabric, with 12 cm golden heels and 2 cute bows on the back. Styles : Agejo gyaru, Ane Agejo, Onee gyaru, mature sexy style. They are preloved but in very good state (no scratches, no wrinkles) one or 2 small washable stains, unused heels. Size : 22,5cm = 35/36

Kawaii shoes Deary (new)

Prix : 39,00 EUR
Taille :
Very cute kawaii platform shoes from the brand Deary. Styles : Lolita, himekaji, Larme kei. Cute Teddy bears pattern with 2 big removable brown bows . Size : 23,5cm. They are brand new, never worn!